Torches Across America (TAA) is a motorcycle ride for all riders who want to show their respect to everyone who lost their lives and to the family's who lost their loved ones on that sad morning of September 11, 2001. TAA takes nine days, starting on the West Coast (Sept 3rd). Ride the whole trip, just through your state or a few miles when it comes in your area. If you can not take time to ride on the ride, everyone is welcome to be with us at any of the stops we make going across the country.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

I thank all of you for making the 2006 Torches Across America possible

These cities mayor’s have passed a resolution making every 9/11 from now on a “Recognition Day” for their cities First Call Responders

Mayor Dave G. Tate, Hollister, Missouri

Mayor Gary P. Conway, Kimberling City, Missouri

Mayor Jim Wood, Oceanside, California

Mayor Karl A. Smith, Forsyth, Missouri

Mayor Martin J. Chavez, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mayor Michael J. Muchowski, Township of Florence, County of Burlington, State of New Jersey

Mayor Monica Gates, Kingman, Arizona

Mayor Pro-Tem Paul E. Lear, Reeds Spring, Missouri

Mayor Robert L. Rumfelt, Lakeport, California

Mayor Thomas H. Nagel, Fairborn, Ohio

Mayor Tom Caraker Sr., Troy, Illinois

City Council of Branson West, Missouri

Mayor Samuel A. Salupo, Cambridge, Ohio

Mayor Louis E. Schaefer, Branson, MO

Mayor Laurene West, Santa Clarita, CA

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, has proclaimed 9/11 “First Call Responders Recognition Day” for all First Call Responders in New Mexico for 2005 and 2006

Special Recognition:

Mike Mohn; { Guest Speaker for the 2006 Torches Across America's 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride }

Les Knauer; { Web Page Designer ~ WebMaster for the 2006 Torches Across America's 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride }

Marge Covert; devoted wife of Gary Covert [TAA's Nat'l Coordinator] plus her dedication & support for the 2006 Torches Across America's 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride

States Torches Across America 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride travels through:


State Coordinators:

Mike Lee and Wayne Forester

Core Group Helping:

Theresa Mohn, Michele Little, Peter & Roseanne Nash, Glen Ottman


Kennedy’’s Custom Cycles, Oceanside, California

Victorville, Harley-Davidson, Victorville, CA

Doing Something Special:

Chick-Fil-A Oceanside, California Owner, Jason provided breakfast for TAA Riders prior to departure on Sat; Sept 2nd.



VFW Post 10386 Kingman, Arizona

Doing Something Special:

"Untouchables, Kingman, AZ ~ donated a hundred dollars worth of Torches Across America pins and patches, shirts to be given to our Armed Forces Members at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

New Mexico:

State Coordinators:

Rick Parsons & Paul Elam


Fraternal Order of Police Albuquerque New Mexico Lodge I

The Blue Knights New Mexico VI and Blue Knights New Mexico II are putting everything together.

Doing Something Special:

New Mexico State Police

Albuquerque, New Mexico Motor Officers

Albuquerque, New Mexico Fire Department

Moriarty, New Mexico Police Department

Blue Star Mothers, Albuquerque

Graham Central Station, Albuquerque

Jim (Cyber) Grant escorted us from Gallup, NM to the Route 66 Truck Stop and Casino

Rosanne Bianco for her help at the FOP

Dawn Patrol, Albuquerque

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Kevin Cloney, President of Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association 2004~2006

Craig Kennedy, Dawn Partol Coordinator, Craig flies the “Intel” balloon during Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta

Janie Jordon, field operations Balloon Fiesta Park

“SKYANGEL” Pilots, Keith and Tina Reeves arranged and participated in our ride to Balloon Fiesta Park.

Participating Dawn Patrol Balloons and Pilots;

“Athena” Pilot, Kris Econopouly,

“Dawn 1” Pilot, Craig Kennedy 505-831-3789

“Enchanted Princess” Pilots, Dr. Don Bonney and Alan Wynn

“Her Highness” Pilot, Clare Wade-Callihan

“Higher love” Pilot, Jim Holley, 1-800-HOTAIR1

“RoadrunnerVII” Pilots, Tom Skidmore and Don Robertson,

“Sunshine’s Ride” Pilot, Kevin Cloney, 505-281-2352


State Coordinator:

Danny Bettis

Doing Something Special:

Holiday Inn Amarillo, Texas


State Coordinator:

Joe Sewell


American Legion Post 308

Doing Something Special:

Oklahoma City, Motor Officers

Oklahoma City, Fire Department

Kari Watkins, Executive Director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial

Leon Gillum, Security Director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial)

Lincoln County, Oklahoma Sheriff Department

Sapulpa, Oklahoma Police Department


State Coordinator:

Gary Covert; {Also: Torches Across America's National Coordinator }

Doing Something Special

Missouri State Troopers

Torches Across America web server, Dependable Internet, Springfield, MO

9/11 Memorial Wall Designed by, Paul York, York Design Group, Springfield, MO

Fallen Warriors Memorial Wall Designed by, Jason Wyatt, Sr. Graphic Designer at Dynamic Printing, Hollister, MO 417-332-8338

Eric Willis, Operations Director, Dynamic Printing, Hollister, MO for the printing of the 9/11 Memorial Wall and Fallen Warriors Memorial Wall 417-332-8338

Painted the Torches Across America Trike, Curry’s Hot Rods and Hot Bikes, Branson, MO

Graph designs on the Torches Across America Trike by, Nathan Curry

Torches Across America ride shirts printed by, Remark, Branson, MO 417-334-0419

Unique Supporters:

Angelo’’s Hair Modem, Kimberling City, MO

Boomerang Resorts, Branson, MO

Cruisin 66, Springfield, MO

Flash Photo, Branson, MO

Missouri Cajun Market Place, Branson West, MO

Stone County Cycle, Branson West, MO

Ozark Trophy, Kimberling City, MO


State Coordinator:

Roger Alons, VFW Post 976 Commander


VFW Post 976

American Legion Post 708 Troy, IL

Doing Something Special:

Tina Sandridge, Alton, IL Harley-Davidson, Activities Officer

Dave Weber, Alton, Illinois, H.O.G. Chapter Activities Officer

Illinois Highway Patrol

Troy City Band under the direction of Bob Rosier

St. Jeromes’’ Choir


State Coordinator:

Les Knauer; {Also: Torches Across America's Web Page Designer ~ WebMaster:}

Doing Something Special:

Donna Rush, Holiday Inn, Cambridge, OH

Dunnings Motor Sales, Cambridge, OH

Wall-Mart, Cambridge, Ohio

Free Mason’s, of Ohio

Speedy Print, Cambridge, Ohio

Xango, Cambridge, Ohio

Nancy Knauer, for the many things she did for us and for helping John Norcio

Jim & Karla Bevens, owners of JJ Trikes “n” Things, . They really went out of there way to help John Norcio while he was in the hospital and helping him get ready for his trip back to California

CMA members that visited John Norico at the London, Ohio Hospital



Reds Knights PA 18, Lehighton, PA

Frank Strouse, President Red Knights PA 18. Frank also does a web page called Motorcycle Roads.US

Bruce Koch, Red Knights PA 18. This ride meant a lot to Bruce last year and he asked if we could maybe spend the evening in his home area of Lehighton during the 2006 ride. So this stop is all your fault Bruce. LOL

Doing Something Special:

Blocker Harley- Davidson Motorcycle Dealership, Parryville, PA

Bowmanstown, PA Fire House

Angelo Carile, New Century HOG, 9/11 Ride to Shanksville, PA

Steve Plank, for help in Washington, DC and a great escort from Bedford, PA to crash site 93 in Shanksville, PA

New Jersey:


Tramontin Harley-Davidson, Hope, New Jersey is a host for the 911Memorial Run put together by Tattoo Bob. And at this time we join them on the ride to NYC and Brooklyn NY. The ride at this time is known as the 9/11 Memorial Run

Hoboken M.C. has invited us to a 9/11 Memorial Pasta Dinner at the Hoboken M.C. Club House in Jersey City, New Jersey. We know the food is great because this is the third time we have been there

Some of the clubs and riders that work very hard
to make this part of the ride as smooth as silk
for the riders

911 Memorial Run Coordinator, Tattoo Bob,
Red Knights New Jersey 14

Angels of Fire M.C.

Wild Pigs M.C.

Axemen M.C.

American Firefighters M.C.

Brooklyn H.O.G.

Kathi Bedard Red Knights NJ 14

Fred Beard Red Knights NJ 14

Mike Peoples, President Red Knights NJ 14

Animal, Hoboken M.C.

Triple E, Hoboken M.C.

Angel, Hoboken, M.C.

New York:


Brooklyn Harley-Davidson is a host for the 911Memorial Run put together by Tattoo Bob
and while we are there the ride is known as the 9/11 Memorial Run

Brooklyn H.O.G. Chapter

I thank Tattoo Bob very much for letting us be a part of the 911Memorial Run this year
on September 9th and 11th. This will be the fifth year for his ride

Washington DC:

Doing Something Special:

Pentagon Police

Arlington, Virginia Fire Department
9/11 "Rattle the Runway Ride"

Tom Grove, for a great escort form the Pentagon to Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Col Peter M. Garibaldi and his wife Essie, Garrison Commander Walter Reed Army Medical

Ms Irving, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

States that are NOT on the Torches Across America's Ride Route:


State Coordinator:

Don Snyder; {Also: Great Ride Captain for Torches Across America's 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride:}

Friday, September 22, 2006

Donna Rush's pictures for the morning leaving Cambridge, OH September 8, 2006

Donna Rush's pictures for the evening in Cambridge, Ohio September 7, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Branson Missouri has made 9/11 a Recognition Day for their cities First Call Responders

Branson Missouri has made 9/11 a Recognition Day for their cities First Call Responders.



WHEREAS, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 claimed the lives of more than
3,000 innocent victims including fire fighters, law enforcement officers and emergency
medical services personnel doing heroic rescue operations at the World Trade Center; and

WHEREAS, in states, counties and communities across our nation First Call Responders --
including law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency medical services personnel -
continually provide high levels of protection and public service; and

WHEREAS, these First Call Responders unselfishly risk their lives in answering emergency
situations to save property and lives; and :

WHEREAS, these heroes of our community deserve the recognition for their commitment
and personal sacrifice, and for preserving the peace and well-being of all; and

WHEREAS, the Branson Board of Aldermen recognizes the importance of having these
men and women of this distinct caliber in our city to make it a safe and secure place to live,
work and visit;


Section 1: That each September 11 be proclaimed as "First Call Responders Recognition
Day'~ in Branson, Missouri recognizing all First Call Responders

Section 2: That this resolution shall be in effect from and after its adoption.

Read, passed and truly agreed 'to by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Branson, Missouri, on
this 13th day of February, 2006.

Resolution No. 2006-ROO4
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Sorry to say that Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey did not pass a resolution making 9/11 a Recognition Day for their First Call Responders

I told everyone before the ride that Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey were going to make 9/11 a Recognition Day for their cities First Call Responders and the mayors of these cities would be present on the evening of September 9, 2006 for the Pasta Memorial Dinner at the Hoboken M/C Club House.

Well none of this happened. My mistake sorry about that.

Have a great day.
Gary Covert

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hi everyone I am sorry to say I can not put pictures on Blogger

Hi Everyone,

For some reason everytime I go to up load a picture on blogger it does not load. I will have to find another way to get the pictures up.

Have a great day.
Gary Covert

Leaving Oceanside, CA September 2, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1, 2006 pictures of us leaving San Diego, CA with the World Memorial.

Mike and Theresa Mohn before leaving San Diego for Oceanside, CA.

Group picture.

John Norico pointing out the name of Nicole Miller who died September 11, 2001 on United Airlines Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA. Nicole Miller was a neighbor of John's years ago and used to play with John's kids.

Brus Messinger President and Founder of the World Memorial with artist Kathleen (Katon) Tonnesen. Kathleen Built the Art Exhibit "Release of Souls" that is going to be exhibited in NYC on September 11, 2006.

Mike Mohn.

Bruce Cartelli on the left and his wife Lesia in pink on the right.

Marge Covert and Theresa Mohn having lunch in "Old Town" San Diego, CA.

We are adding another stop in Flagstaff, AZ

Mitch Mender has been inviteted by the Flagstaff, AZ Fire Department to bring the World Nemorial to Flagstaff. We will arrive at Sam's Club parking lot around 9:30pm and depart at 10:00am. The address is SAM'S CLUB 1851 E BUTLER AVENUE FLAGSTAFF , AZ (928) 774-9444.

We have a change in Cambridge, OH

When we arrive in Cambridge, OH we are going to the Wal-Mart parking lot at 61216 Southgate Parkway, Cambridge, OH 43725.

Group dinner for the evening of September 1, 2006 in Oceanside, CA.

We are all going to meet at "Pat & Oscars" 965 Palama Airport Rd., Carlsbad, CA (760) 929-7040 at 6:30pm.