Torches Across America (TAA) is a motorcycle ride for all riders who want to show their respect to everyone who lost their lives and to the family's who lost their loved ones on that sad morning of September 11, 2001. TAA takes nine days, starting on the West Coast (Sept 3rd). Ride the whole trip, just through your state or a few miles when it comes in your area. If you can not take time to ride on the ride, everyone is welcome to be with us at any of the stops we make going across the country.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Three more cities in America have made 9/11 a "Recognition Day" for their cities First Call Responders (Why is your city not on this list)

We have three more cities in America that have made 9/11 a "Recognition Day" for their cities First Call Responders:

Reeds Spring, Missouri
Lakeport, California
Forsyth, Missouri

I thank the Reeds Spring, Missouri City Council for voting on it the evening I spoke to them. You can sure tell their proud of their cities First Call Responders.

I thank John Norcio, Robert Jorden, Suzanne Schnider for making this happen in Lakeport, California.

I thank Forsyth, Missouri Mayor Karl A. Smith for his warm hospitality before and during the City Council Meeting.