Torches Across America (TAA) is a motorcycle ride for all riders who want to show their respect to everyone who lost their lives and to the family's who lost their loved ones on that sad morning of September 11, 2001. TAA takes nine days, starting on the West Coast (Sept 3rd). Ride the whole trip, just through your state or a few miles when it comes in your area. If you can not take time to ride on the ride, everyone is welcome to be with us at any of the stops we make going across the country.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thank you Colonel Peter M. Garibaldi for inviting us back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center next year

This is a group shot of some of the riders patients and family members. Between the two wheel chairs in the second row is Colonel Peter M. Garibaldi and his wife Essie with my wife in between them.

Colonel Peter M. Garibaldi is the Garrison Commander of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center

In front of them is Mrs Irving who is in charge of getting groups like ours into Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Colonel Garibaldi and his wife were super and I thank them very much for taking the time to be with us during our visit. He told us that he expected us back next year and would like us to put up the Memorial Walls.

Our group had a wonderful time with the patients and their families. I like hearing the comments from the riders after our visits at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. You can tell they have come away from there different people.

I feel it to be an honor to be asked to come back next year. Thank you very much Colonel Garibaldi.

Someone let Brian ride his bike.